Here’s to New Beginnings

"Marilla, isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day have always been my favorite holidays. For me, Christmas is a time of anticipation and surprises and looks of joy. The senses are particularly awoken during this time and memories are brought to the forefront of my thoughts while new ones make room next to the old. Our family generally chooses to celebrate this day in quietness and relaxation and it is so very treasured.

New Year’s follows soon after and it’s sister and brother eve and day allow me to say goodbye to a year and greet a new one. There is something comforting in this newness. As dear Anne Shirley said, “Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Days and years, the next of both have no mistakes . . . yet . . . and we can bank our hopes and dreams on those passages of time with fearlessness if we choose. A couple of months or so down the road I usually find that I am really just in survival mode but until then, there is joy in the road of best intentions.

As dear Anne Shirley said, “Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Yesterday was the beginning of 2017. Rarely do I participate in resolutions or a word of the year. You won’t find me pondering which should be my Bible verse to focus on for a full 365 days. I get bored easily and one or two of anything for a whole year would not fly. But I’ll try new things once that first day in January comes around. Or maybe I’ll polish something off that I’ve done before but try accomplishing it in a new way.

The greeting I choose to give to 2017 is really and truly a gift for myself. It is nowhere near an earth-shattering gift and it’s simplicity is underwhelming: this year, this brand new year, I will blog simply. No more worrying about SEO or keywords or catchy-but-silly titles. There will be no chasing after the newest social media route to get my blog seen. I’ll do my best to provide decent photos that can be nestled among my words but no longer will I obsess on if they are good enough to catch the eyes of my demographic’s Pinterest eye.  And maybe I’ll write 500 words or 2, 379, or just 213. Who knows?

A gift God gives should never be wasted and, oh dear, I’ve wasted my gift of writing ability. It has laid stagnant and unused and has gathered invisible dust bunnies. Fear of failure has kept me from starting many times and there was a period of inability to put two seconds together when my older children were smaller and I was overrun by burp cloths. That was then and this is now and truly, if I don’t overreach, there is no reason why I cannot put out a blog post here and there and hope it meets someone with open arms and lets them leave with encouragement.

I love books and classical homeschooling a la Well-Trained Mind and am slowly dipping my toes into Charlotte Mason’s own words to see how my family’s homeschool atmosphere can benefit. (There is just something about Charlotte Mason that speaks to my mama teacher soul.) We read-aloud and use curriculum and hope to travel more and drink lots of coffee and desire to bring peace into our home and surroundings. I’ll write about all of that and maybe none of that at times and it’s okay.

Welcome, 2017. I’m so happy to meet you.



Photo by Annie Spratt

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